Pending the publication of the final results, below you will find the preliminary results that have already been presented at several conferences. Please note that the figures shown are subject to change following further research and analysis. Please refresh the page if any of the presentations do not show up.

IO1: Assessment of Current Intra- and Interlingual Live Subtitling Training and Practice

Live subtitlers: who are they?

Interlingual Live Subtitling: the Erasmus+ ILSA project

IO2: Development of Speech-Recognition Software and Competence Analysis for ILS

Interlingual Respeaking: a comparative analysis of interpreters’ and subtitlers’ performance

Identifying the task-specific skills required for interlingual respeaking: an empirical approach

ME3: Mapping the ILSA Course

Training in interlingual live subtitling from different perspectives: trainers and employers’ perceptions. A survey study

A comparative analysis of interpreters’ and subtitlers’ performance in interlingual live subtitling

SMART: Shaping Multilingual Access with Respeaking Technology – Preliminary results of an interlingual respeaking project

Towards a competence model of interlingual live subtitling

Interlingual live subtitling: perspectives in human-machine interaction

ME4: How to train live subtitlers?

ILSA: Interlingual Live Subtitling for Access

Training Voice Writers/Respeakers in the U.S.

Training live subtitlers for the French market: A short story taking place in 3 major HoH companies

The ILSA Course on Interlingual Live Subtitling

Training (and certifying) live subtitlers in the UK, Australia and Canada

ME5: Interlingual live subtitling with respeaking

Interlingual live subtitling with respeaking

ME6: The Present and Future of ILSA

Introduction to the ILSA Course

IO3: Profile Definition and Competences of the Professional ILSer

IO4: Mapping the new ILSA Course

IO5: Development of training material for the new ILSA Course

IO5 – Module 1a: Media & live events accessibility

IO5 – Module 1b: Pre-recorded subtitling

IO5 – Module 1c: Simultaneous interpreting

IO5 – Module 2a: Intralingual Respeaking

IO5 – Module 2b: Interlingual respeaking

IO5 – Module 3a: Respeaking for television

IO5 – Module 3b: Live events and education

IO6: Quality Assessment of the New Material and Progress Recommendations for ILSA


IO7: Protocol for the Implementation of ILS on TV and in Social, Educational and Political Settings and Recognition of the ILSA Course with ECTS Credits

Other presentations

Respeakers and interlingual live subtitlers: new professional profiles in the field of translation



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