Anthony Van Hoey graduated as an interpreter and started working as a respeaker at VTM, the commercial television channel in Flanders, in 2012. He is also a freelance court interpreter and community interpreter and mainly works from Spanish, English and French into Dutch. In his work with VTM, he gained experience in both intra- and interlingual respeaking, mostly English and French into Dutch.

In 2012, he started teaching community interpreting courses at the Flemish integration agency, mainly in Brussels and Antwerp, but also in other Flemish cities. In 2016, Anthony started teaching the live subtitling course at the University of Antwerp, a course taught in the Master of Interpreting programme. In 2018, he started teaching communication skills, a course taught in the same Master’s programme.

Within the ILSA project, Anthony has a supportive role. He tries to pass on his experience, both in (intralingual and interlingual) respeaking and in teaching those skills.



Universidade de Vigo Facultade de Filoloxía e Tradución | Despacho Newton 5 | Campus de Vigo As Lagoas | Ctra. de Marcosende | 36310 Vigo (España)
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