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The Dostę team (company name: INTRO PR Monika Szczygielska) is an access services provider with experience in (live) subtitling, audio description, sign language interpreting, Internet accessibility and accessibility training. It has unique experience in providing access services for live events. is a pioneer in the field of respeaking in Poland. Since 2013 it has been working on the implementation and development of live subtitling in this country. It has vast experience in live subtitling for online streaming of conferences, including those held at the premises of the Polish Parliament, and other live events. It has experience both in intra- and interlingual respeaking, and has participated in international projects. It cooperates with Polsat TV channel (one of the two main private broadcasters in Poland) in the first live subtitling provision for entertainment shows.

It is the first and only provider of live subtitling through respeaking for Polish TV. contributes to ILSA with its experience in live subtitling for, amongst others, conferences with representatives of the European Commission, members of the Polish Government, MEPs, as well as international events, such as the canonization mass of pope John Paul II or an international music festival. During those events it has provided live interlingual (English-Polish and Polish-English) subtitles. also participates in training projects (including those organized in cooperation with University of Warsaw) and conducts accessibility training sessions. The team also studies the quality of live subtitles and researches ways of optimizing accessible multimedia solutions.



Universidade de Vigo Facultade de Filoloxía e Tradución | Despacho Newton 5 | Campus de Vigo As Lagoas | Ctra. de Marcosende | 36310 Vigo (España)
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