The associated partners in ILSA are 25 leading stakeholders in the field of live subtitling (political organisations, broadcasters, access service providers, consultants, universities, user associations and NGOs) based in five continents. They will offer invaluable support throughout the project and will facilitate the dissemination and sustainability of the results worldwide:

Political organisations:

  • ITU (United Nations agency for accessibility)
  • Polish Parliament
  • Galician Parliament


  • SVT (Sweden’s public broadcaster)
  • TV2 (Finland’s public broadcaster)


  • Andrew Lambourne (Leeds Beckett University, UK)
  • Juan Martínez (respeaking consultant)
  • Ruth Meyers (member of the British Empire for her long-standing campaigning for the rights of deaf people in the UK)


  • University of Roehampton (the UK)
  • Monash University (Australia)
  • Universidade Estadual Paulista (Brazil)
  • North-West University (South Africa)
  • Hamad bin Khalif University (Qatar)

Access service providers:

  • From the UK: Deluxe, Signvideo, Stagetext
  • From Spain: Soni2
  • From Italy: Subti
  • From Russia: RU Films
  • From Australia: AiMedia
  • From New Zealand: Able


User associations and NGOs:

  • User associations: MQD (Spain), Poiesis (Italy), Widzialni Foundation (Poland)
  • NGOs: European Federation of Hard of Hearing People
The above-mentioned associated institutions and the ILSA partners have thus created the first international network of key stakeholders in the area of live subtitling, which will contribute not only to the validation and dissemination of project’s results, but also to their sustainability and the possibility of further collaborative projects in the future.



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